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  • We shine up like a new penny!

    Like our new website? We've got nice photos to gaze at, cute icons for finding your favorite tea, and clever navigation to steer you to all 399 different products we offer here. (That number surprised us, too.)

  • Try something new 

    If our new Lucidity Mug doesn't make you want a cuppa' tea, nothing will. With its own stainless steel infuser and a pretty lid that will also catch drips, this little set makes brewing loose tea deliciously simple.

  • On the rocks 

    Let a tall glass of organic iced tea do all the sweating this summer. Our seven delicious iced tea flavors come in 1-ounce filter packs for brewing a gallon of the good stuff, so you can share with a crowd. (Or don't share. It's that good.)

  • Tempt them with tea

    Who can say no to the offer of tea when it comes in such a gorgeous presentation box? This elegant bamboo tea chest features a rainbow of eight of our most popular black, green and herbal tea, and may need to be refilled frequently!



Organic Assam Breakfast

Assam tea is famous for its lush flavor and amber color. Rich brown and golden tipped leaves yield multi-layered "malty" flavor.

$8.49 - $42.00
Paisley Organic Tart Berry Herbal Iced Tea

Deliciously tart with a bunch of big berry flavor — this tea is like a chilled juice box for tea lovers! (But without the box.)

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$12.50 - $42.00
Paisley Organic English Breakfast

This Organic English Breakfast is a classic blend of rich Indian teas. It boasts a bold flavor that holds up well to milk.

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$5.95 - $35.70
Darjeeling:  1/2 Pound Loose Tea Sleeve

Darjeeling tea is technically black, but includes gentle, lighter characteristics like a green tea. It makes a flavorful breakfast tea, but also has enough astringency to pair with dessert!





Paisley Organic Earl Grey:  Box of 20 Tea Bags
High-quality, organic black tea gets the royal treatment with citrusy bergamot oil in this classic tea.

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Regular Price: $5.95

Special Price: $4.76

Paisley Organic Tart Meyer Lemon Herbal Iced Tea

Meyer lemons are a cross between lemons and oranges, with a sweet, floral taste. The juicy fruit notes of this tea balances out the tart in your cup. Pucker up!

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Regular Price: $12.50

Special Price: $10.63

Darjeeling:  Box of 15 Tea Sachets

Strong but sensitive - we like that in a tea. These golden orange pekoe tea leaves are grown on the rolling hills of Darjeeling, India.

By using more 2nd flush Darjeeling, we've made this delicious tea a bit darker in the cup. This tea makes a rich and complex breakfast tea, and its subtle astringency pairs perfectly with dessert as well.

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Regular Price: $8.49

Special Price: $7.21

Dotty for Paisley Mug

With a subtle gray paisley pattern along the bottom and colorful rosettes along the top, this is a use-me-every day 11 ounce mug. Bottoms up!

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Regular Price: $9.95

Special Price: $4.00

Organic Tea Duo:  Case of 24 (48 Sachets Total)
The Tea Duo is a two-sachet sample pack in an attractive pillow-shaped package. The 4 x 3.5 x 1 inch package unfolds to reveal two sleeves - one Organic Assam black tea sachet and one Better Rest Blend herbal tea sachet.

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Regular Price: $40.56

Special Price: $29.50

Organic Better Morning Blend: 1/4 pound loose tea sleeve

No caffeine needed to face the morning? It's true! Our blend of lemongrass, peppermint and citrus will wake you up like a really tasty, steaming alarm clock.

$18.75   $12.19 

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Regular Price: $18.75

Special Price: $12.19

Really Really Big Chai 90g Tea Tin

This tea is exactly how we named it — enormous pieces of the best spices like star anise, cardamom pods, cinnamon, orange wedges and cloves paired with whole leaf black tea from India. Steep it until you love it — the flavor is as big as the components are!

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Regular Price: $22.50

Special Price: $15.75

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