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  • Ta-ta, toxins! Hello to Organic tea.

    Two Leaves and a Bud is committed to providing Certified Organic teas. In doing so, we support the development of organic gardens that help keep harmful toxins out of the environment (and your cuppa!). Cheers to that!

  • New lower pricing on loose tea!

    We’ve just marked down prices on 16 seasonal and Reserve Series loose teas!  Try some of these rare teas before they fly off the shelves and are gone forever.

  • Organic Iced Tea...on the rocks 

    Let a tall glass of organic iced tea do all the sweating this summer. Our seven delicious iced tea flavors come in 1-ounce filter packs for brewing a gallon of the good stuff, so you can share with a crowd. (Or don't share. It's that good.)

  • Tempt them with tea

    Who can say no to the offer of tea when it comes in such a gorgeous presentation box? This elegant bamboo tea chest features a rainbow of eight of our most popular black, green and herbal tea, and may need to be refilled frequently!



Organic Assam Breakfast

Assam tea is famous for its lush flavor and amber color. Rich brown and golden tipped leaves yield multi-layered "malty" flavor.

$8.49 - $42.00
Organic Peppermint

Our organic, large-cut peppermint leaves are both crisp and buttery, making this tea a great after-dinner mint.

$8.49 - $42.00
Irish Breakfast 90g Tea Tin

A blend of Indian teas, this brew makes a proper, dark cup of tea with a nice astringency. Add milk to reveal a beautiful, rich copper color.

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Paisley Organic English Breakfast

This Organic English Breakfast is a classic blend of rich Indian teas. It boasts a bold flavor that holds up well to milk.

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$5.95 - $35.70
Earl Grey Darjeeling 1/2 lb Sleeve

First flush Darjeeling (from the garden’s first tea harvest of the year) combined with natural bergamot flavor results in a unique Earl Grey with bright lemon notes and a pleasant astringency.

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Organic Orange Sencha:  Box of 15 Tea Sachets
This incredible Japanese-style tea is steamed as it dries, yielding a sweet, light flavor with no bitterness. Like all high quality Japanese green teas, this tea is green, not brown.

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Regular Price: $8.49

Special Price: $6.95

Paisley Organic Earl Grey:  Box of 20 Tea Bags
High-quality, organic black tea gets the royal treatment with citrusy bergamot oil in this classic tea.

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Regular Price: $5.95

Special Price: $4.95

Paisley Organic Tart Meyer Lemon Herbal Iced Tea - Six 1 Gallon Brew Packs

Meyer lemons are a cross between lemons and oranges, with a sweet, floral taste. The juicy fruit notes of this tea balances out the tart in your cup. Pucker up!

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Regular Price: $12.50

Special Price: $9.95

Organic  Orchard Berry:  Box of 15 Tea Sachets
Forest berries combine with the flavor of pomegranate, apple, lavender and hibiscus to create a balanced, sweet but relaxing decaffeinated herbal blend.

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Regular Price: $8.49

Special Price: $6.95

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  • A Pumpkin Spice public service announcement

    We don't do that. What don't you do, you ask? We don't change up flavors of tea according to the season — in fact, we loathe using the word "flavors" to refer to tea, because we're afraid it may have an association with scientists in lab coats in very cold, sterile kitchen-like environments, using eye droppers […]

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Tea Tips

  • Brewing a Better Cuppa’

    From brewing temperature to tasting techniques, there's an endless number of tea tips that can help you enjoy a better cuppa'. From our travels to tea gardens around the world, we've learned brewing and tasting techniques that help us enjoy each and every cuppa' tea.

    However, despite all the tea tips that are out there, one time old rule remains for enjoying your tea: experiment! Have fun. Try different temperatures, steeping times, amounts of loose tea and more, and your cuppa' tea won't just have the taste your palette enjoys, but it will be a fun experience as well.

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    Dena has the most exotic-sounding title.  She plans bulk tea purchases and shipping to China and the US.

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