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We take tea personally.

Our Team

We’re way more than just a group of hard workers who get to drink tea all day for a living. (Although that’s an awesome job perk, and we’ve listed our favorite teas below….)


Richard Rosenfeld, Founder & CEO

Richard thinks of himself as the “Chief Tea Officer.” Our fearless leader makes sure our products are worth drinking on a daily basis, and says it’s a pain because he knows he’s never satisfied. Richard loves doing something different every day, and thinks of our team like a family. Aw. His big secret? He loves coffee and tea. (Also, Richard is fluent in Italian; when he’s speaking, his gestures get bigger.) 

His Cuppa’: Richard starts with Paisley Brand Tea English Breakfast — two teabags in a large mug, steeps them for under a minute resulting in a strong, bright-flavored cup! He then moves on to various teas: Organic Assam or a great green tea in the afternoon.


Christy Garfield, Marketing Coordinator

Christy talks tea all day long, chatting with tea drinkers, purveyors and media to get two leaves tea into more mouths. She loves helping with product development. (Read: tasting new teas!) Christy has a lifelong passion for dance and musical theater, and has only ever owned white Subaru wagons, which is a strange fact about her. She recently took advantage of two leaves’ practice of encouraging employees to explore by floating through the Grand Canyon for 21 days. That lucky girl.

Her Cuppa’: Christy rarely starts a day with the same tea in a row, but her latest favorite is Paisley Brand Tea Organic Chai.


Bess Hammer, National Sales Manager

Bess works with brokers, key accounts and distributors, convincing them to sell our tea! In half-hour meetings (and sometimes much less) Bess is a pro at tooting our horn. When she’s not traveling, she loves being in our office right next to the Roaring Fork River. Her two sons swing by the office, as does her dog, a Border Collie named Two (we call her Tootie). Bess’ terrible sense of direction makes us laugh because she can get lost, even with a GPS, on all of her trips.

Her Cuppa’: Bess loves black teas (like our Organic Assam) doctored up with both milk and honey … but she tends to drink it straight up in the office, because it’s good both ways.


Hannah Alisiani, Customer Care Associate

Hannah works with wholesale orders and addresses any problems and concerns (not that we ever have any problems, wink , wink). She’s a native of Denver and therefore a big Broncos fan, and was a culinary arts major. No wonder she loves great tea! She’s also a snowboarder and photographer who listens to metal music. (We love that about her.) Hannah sits underneath our new stockpile of Paisley Brand Tea, so she knows which tea comes in which pretty box by heart.

Her Cuppa’: Tamayokucha green tea, hot! It’s a great way to start the day with a nice smooth taste and just the right amount of caffeine


Naomi Havlen, Copy Writer

Naomi brings her own writing and voice to this tea company. In fact she wrote what you’re reading right now. (Hi!). She met Richard’s wife Pam in an ill-fated Photoshop class in the summer of 2009 at the local community college, and has been drinking free tea ever since. Naomi is an unabashed coffee drinker who loves working for a tight-knit company where everyone pitches in and has a personal stake in the business. She’s grown quite fond of gifting people with high-quality tea.

Her Cuppa’: Alpine Berry in the mid-morning after consuming too much caffeine


Jen Okeson, Sales Manager in Café/Coffee and Foodservice

Jen works on getting two leaves™ into cafes, restaurants, hotels and, well, anywhere else you might order a cup of tea! She’s inspired by seeing what our wholesale customers (in cafes and restaurants) are doing with their businesses. Jen is based in New Jersey, but she’s an Iowa girl who discovered two leaves when she lived down the road from us in Redstone, Colorado. She’s loved a Siberian Husky for 12 years, a husband for 12 years and an adorable son for almost three years!

Her Cuppa’: Jen’s all about our Organic Assam, straight up, because, “why mess with something so darn good?”


Lindsay Winkler, Customer Care Supervisor/Graphics

Lindsay handles wholesale customer service, and manages our demos across the country. As our in-office graphics guru, Lindsay creates catalogs, posters, and other fun stuff. She’s a Fort Collins, Colo., native who graduated from both massage school and the Art Institute! Lindsay gives out gold stars in the office when she notices someone doing a great job, so on her last birthday we gave her a necklace featuring (what else?) a tiny gold star.

Her Cuppa’: Lindsay loves our Jasmine and Tamayokucha green teas, and is “obsessed” with the Thermos Travel Tumbler, which keeps her tea piping hot all day, and seems to be indestructible.


Gigi Durand, Comptroller

Gigi has worked for this company for 13 years­; in other words, since before it existed. She lives across the street from Richard and they are friends and great coworkers. As our comptroller, Gigi loves the "p" in comptroller. We all wonder what a comptroller actually does. Does she comp-troll? Troll for comps? She's in charge of money (and wrote our first-ever check), and her husband calls her the “Accounts Payable Princess." Maybe we should print that on her business cards….

Her Cuppa’: Gigi has long been addicted to our Bai Mu Dan, loose, and she has an interesting ritual of making sure she drinks it every day out of a Curve mug with a top that doesn’t match. She’s quirky, just like us.


Dena Albright, Imports and Purchasing Manager

Dena has the most exotic-sounding title.  She plans bulk tea purchases and shipping to China and the US. She has a good head for numbers and tries to keep our tea in stock. She also says our jobs are “separate cogs in the wheel of progress,” which sounds kind of lofty but awesome. She has three active boys ages 10, 12 and 15 (bless her), wouldn’t want to live anywhere else and is an avid tennis player and bowler — she plays on leagues for both sports!

Her Cuppa’: Dena says she’s a Tamy Girl! That’s Organic Tamayokucha green tea to the uninitiated, and she loves it medium hot with no additions. 


Pam Weber Rosenfeld, Merchandiser

When you find something you love on our website to buy, that’s Pam at work. Pam finds the “fabulous, interesting and functional” tea accessories we sell. She also takes photos for our website, and gets to visit the tea gardens with our boss, because she’s married to the guy! Pam is actually more of a coffee drinker, but loves drinking tea at the gardens — specifically when they tap on her door and bring in the bedtime tea.

Her Cuppa': Pam loves Alpine Berry served hot with lots of honey on a freezing cold morning when she’s skiing!


Chloe Burton, Marketing Associate

Chloe’s job is “spreading the word about gloriously delicious two leaves tea,” and we like the way she puts that. She finds it easy to come to work when her teammates are friendly and hard working. She also considers herself a “story-aholic”. From books to TV and cinema, myths, plays and funny anecdotes, she wants to hear it all. Chloe has an enviable mug collection and (just between us) she really is that über-cute girl who’s a dork on the inside.

Her Cuppa’: Chloe revives herself in the afternoon with (ironically) Better Morning Blend! The blue cornflower petals make her happy.


 Heath Hillman, Certification Manager

Heath is part of the super glue that keeps our company on the up and up. His job is making sure our teas are properly certified from every specification you see on our boxes like orgain, Fair Trade and Kosher. He has been trained in the tea industry — tasting, how tea is grown and processed — by traveling to far flung places like Germany, China and Sir Lanka. But our favorite thing about Heath is that he's getting a degree in Mathematics, and loves a good (actually, a bad) math joke. Here's one: What shape is a kiss? A-lip-tickle (elliptical). 

His Cuppa': "Organic Super Tippy way would I stir anything into this tea." 


Abby Reilly, Intern

We knew we were a big deal as soon as we got our first intern! Abby Reilly came on board in early 2014 to help us with marketing and sales projects, and has proven to be a go-getter (exactly what you'd want in an intern.) She grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado (where we live) and is currently addicted to hiking up our local ski hills. She's also interested in using tea in her baking. Green tea scones, anyone?

Her Cuppa': Gen Mai Cha, straight up!