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It may seem funny this time of year, but for those of us who love the mountains (montanophiles? is that a word?) late spring is the best time to get up high and ski! This weekend was cold and rainy in Basalt which means cold and snowy(!) at the top of Independence Pass, 30 miles […]

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I have been hiring a Brompton folding bike every time I go to London and, I confess, lusting after one for years. Last week I finally broke down and purchased one and… love it! Number one: It is a great way to get around. Saves gas, energizes me, it just is a lot of fun. […]

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Wedding season is upon us for sure! Tired of gifting fondue pots and gravy boats that won’t get used? Boring linens or any item off the happy couples registry? — I know I know they wouldn’t have selected all those gifts unless they really wanted them but still……where is the surprise in that? Consider an […]

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If you are not already on our mailing list, now is a good time! We are starting a new sale program – THE STEEP OF THE WEEK! Each week a particular two leaves and a bud item will be offered at a LOW price for a 24 hour period of time! Stay tuned for your […]

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