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We are particularly excited about this summer Fancy Food Show in New York. Jacob Javit’s Convention Center – June 28-30. We will be introducing a NEW PRODUCT! Come by our Booth 5320 to find out and receive our TEA BUCKS coupon! And of course stay for a cuppa’.† Come TRY IT ICED or HAVE IT […]

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two leaves is going to Vegas! Between bets come by booth 713 at Coffee Fest June 12-14th,† for a cuppa’ two leaves and bud tea! TRY IT ICED or HAVE IT HOT! Looking forward to meeting you face to face!

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We get asked all the time, “how long do I steep this?” It seems to be an age-old question and seems to elude many of us who are not native to tea-growing countries. Early in my better tea drinking days, I would return from Sri Lanka with wonderful tea only to find that it just […]

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We are a proud member of the Trust Organic Small Farmers Initiative. This new alliance for eco-Ethical trade and goods is a non profit initiative, founded by producers, traders, and NGOs from around the world. two leaves and a bud tea co. is one of the founding members and trading partners under the trusteeship of […]

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Help us to grow the two leaves online family! JOIN our e-mailing list and forward to your friends and family.† We offer exclusive discounts and special deals that only you will know about! Stay in the know! JOIN NOW and SAVE!

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