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Every workplace has its own culture — you know, what makes your office distinctly different, including the rules you follow to get along with everyone. I was thinking about office culture this morning when I walked in and glanced at Richard’s office. See, the boss (that’s him) is in Europe for a couple of weeks. […]

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You learn a lot about tea when you start a job at a tea company. In my first month here at two leaves and a bud, I’ve tried to pronounce “Tamayokucha,” learned that some chai teas really are better than others (but I’m not naming names), and been told more than once to refill the […]

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I shouldn’t have to tell you about the health benefits of tea. People have been reporting on that for years now — they love to throw around terms like “antioxidants” and “flavonoids.” Here’s some information from the Tea Council of the U.S.A., Inc., in case you want to steep a cuppa tea and sit down […]

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