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You’ve got a burning question: “What kind of tea did the Pilgrims and Native People drink at the first Thanksgiving?” I’m here to help. Or at least, I tried. The answer was both frustrating and educational. This fall I found myself in Plymouth, Mass., the very spot where those Pilgrims set foot in the Americas […]

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Several weeks ago we had a job opening and ads placed in local newspapers. Soon after we received a call from someone who was interested because they thought we were a medical marijuana dispensary. It makes sense — “bud” is one of hundreds of references to pot, and ever since our state of Colorado legalized […]

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- An e-play in one act – Scene: two leaves and a bud tea co. office, Basalt; Wednesday, Nov. 11, 3 p.m. Cast: Richard, two leaves and a bud founder Naomi, two leaves and a bud communications manager ### Richard <appearing in Naomi’s office suddenly>: Tell me something. Naomi <turning around>: What? Richard <holding an […]

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So you’ve just torn open the wrapper to a fresh sachet of your favorite two leaves and a bud tea, and plunked that sachet in the bottom of a big mug while waiting for your water to boil. It boils. You reach for the kettle, move your over-eager face back from the mug so the […]

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