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“Are you a resolution guy?” I asked Richard the other day in the office. “No,” he said. “Do you make resolutions?” “Well,” I started, and gave him this long answer about breaking the year into quarters, and creating quarterly goals for myself. About the time his eyes glazed over, I asked Richard about any goals […]

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The gift-giving season isn’t the easiest time of year for many of us. It’s not full of “I found the perfect gift that will tell you just how much I love you” moments.  Often times you experience more “I’m so stressed out; I hope you forgive me for this less than perfect gift” moments. (Unless […]

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I hate to start a blog post with “No taxation without representation,” but no matter how long ago your last American history class was, you know what event that phrase evokes, right? Yeah. The Boston Tea Party — which happened 237 years ago on Dec. 16. And because we like to celebrate all things tea-related […]

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Last week we discussed what makes tea sachets so much better than tea bags. You ended up with a bunch of tea on your kitchen counter, but also a head full of knowledge about the full flavor you can get from whole leaf tea like ours. Isn’t reading a tea blog rewarding? So this time […]

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I’m not going to name names here, but you know that bag of tea you’ve had in the pantry for a couple of months? The one you bought because Blue Raspberry Delight tea sounded fantastic as you cruised the grocery store aisles? Take it out, cut it open, and dump it on your kitchen counter. […]

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