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In a tribute to Jeff Foxworthy of “you might be a redneck if …” fame, we’ve noticed there are some very specific things about working at a tea company. Some of them are endearing, some of them prove it’s easy to get addicted to top-shelf tea. Most of them should tell you that when it […]

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For many of us, our first taste of Jasmine tea was in a Chinese restaurant, when someone at the table asked for hot tea to accompany the meal. The server brought out a teapot and a number of small, handle-less ceramic cups. The yellow-green liquid poured into these cups was fragrant and had a few […]

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We all know it — tea has fantastic margins. The more you sell, the more profits you can enjoy at the end of the month. The problem? While tea might be the most consumed beverage worldwide next to water, chances are the demand for more expensive coffee products is what keeps you stressed during the […]

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It all started with Lady Gaga. A few weeks ago I was going through my daily Google News Alert for news stories that include the word tea (and oh man, do you have any idea how many news articles these days mention the Tea Party? I skip over those in search of articles on tea, […]

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It was time for our monthly tea education meeting with Richard, and something was amiss in his office. You see, typically there are samples of unique teas from around the world littering his desk, the surface that we all gather around for staff meetings. Many of these samples come beautifully packaged and look just as […]

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