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Most of us have heard of Fair Trade USA with its recognizable black and white label (seen at left). The premise of Fair Trade is something it’s easy to get behind: as an organized movement, it helps people in developing countries ensure higher prices and therefore better working conditions for their exports. Naturally, tea is […]

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Two leaves owner and founder Richard Rosenfeld was standing in a Whole Foods Market several years ago when an employee for the store asked him if two leaves ever considered adding a Gen Mai Cha to our line of teas. In March of 2010, that request became a reality. If you’ve never met a Gen […]

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Your tea line is the foundation of your entire tea program. If you don’t carry the right teas, you’ll never truly maximize tea sales and reach the full potential your two leaves and a bud tea program represents. We’ve spent some time in past articles giving some standard tips for choosing your tea line — […]

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We never thought we’d get many responses by asking one little question on our Facebook page, but we recently learned how passionate our fans are about tea. And as Martha Stewart would say, that’s a good thing. “What’s your number one reason for drinking tea?” we asked recently on Facebook, and 29 of our fans […]

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Let me just put it right out there first: There’s no right way to throw a tea party. No matter what Miss Manners says about the proper components of hosting your own tea party, we say if everyone’s having a good time, you’ve done something right. And we’re thinking about this now because lots of […]

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