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While we like to wax eloquent here at two leaves and a bud about what a different taste our premium whole leaf tea has, we have to admit one thing—the way you steep your tea can make or break your cuppa’, whether you’re sipping two leaves and a bud teas or not. How you prepare […]

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A long, long time ago, legend has it that Earl Charles Grey was shipping black tea and bergamot oranges in the same cargo.  When the Earl’s ship finally arrived at port, it was found that the black tea had absorbed the essence of bergamot into a perfectly balanced black tea with light citrus notes.  Earl […]

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Is there anyone else out there like me who sips a drink (tea, wine, whatever) and automatically wonders what food it would pair well with? I have to admit, sometimes I feel a bit food-crazed, because I get so much pleasure out of preparing, talking about, writing about, reading about and eating food. I’m clearly […]

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