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Spring and summer come on slowly in the Rocky Mountains – just ask anyone up here who lived through April and May. But while we’re tea purveyors living at 8,000 feet above sea level, we know that many of our biggest fans aren’t, so plenty of you enjoyed the kind of spring weather we can […]

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Living in the mountains of Colorado, the opportunity to attend a High Tea doesn’t happen that often, unless you count sipping a cuppa’ tea at elevation as qualifying for a High Tea.  This strikes me as a little unfair, as the Roaring Fork Valley (where I live and where two leaves and a bud is […]

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Although we have plenty of fans who are happy to drink hot tea year-round, isn’t it nice to know that you can also enjoy your favorite beverage iced? In fact, June is National Iced Tea Month — according to the people at, 85 percent of the tea consumed in this country is iced. Since iced tea […]

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