Two Leaves and a Bud Blog: Go There

Our name is shorter, but we assure you, we're still long on flavor.

At long last, I'm composing this blog to tell you that we're giving ourselves a small overhaul here at two leaves ... like the brand equivalent of a microderm abrasion, but without having to spend the next week inside, hiding from the sun and our friends.

We're changing our name: We are now two leaves tea company! That's it, period. Scroll up and glance at the logo. (Or had you already noticed? We changed it on our website several weeks ago.) Say bye-bye to "and a bud," because while our original name made direct reference to the best tea in the world coming from the top two leaves and a bud of the camellia sinensis plant, we've decided we just don't need those three extra syllables.*

*We're still working on updating our Facebook page. They make it incredibly difficult to switch up your Facebook name - that is, if you haven't just changed your marital status. (Though you could say we are "divorcing" ourselves from the "bud.") I've got an e-mail in to Mark Zuckerberg about this, and I'm sure he'll respond to me any day now. Happily, on Twitter we're already @twoleavestea.**

**An update on the Facebook thing -- it's just been changed! Bravo, Facebook friends. Find us at

(Here's a line I had written down in some of my plans to announce this change: "Two leaves and a bud are plucked to make the greatest tea. We're plucking the "and a bud" out of our name, but we promise, while our brand name is no longer a mouthful, our tea still is." That's clever, right? I have my moments.)

Of course, as is often the case, that's not really the end of the story. I've written about this before, that those last three syllables in the original name of our company have led to some confusion here in Colorado, a state where medical marijuana is legal, and therefore dispensaries tend to proliferate. As amusing as that was for us for several years, we got a number of calls in to our office asking if they could stop by to see our selection of medicinal bud, if you will.

And then there's the tongue twisting element — it's not that "two leaves and a bud" is that difficult to say, but sometimes by the time you get to the words "tea company," the person you've been talking to has stopped listening. (I blame extremely short attention spans, the downfall of many Gen-Xers, like myself.) Richard claims it wasn't infrequent that he'd say, "Hello, this is Richard Rosenfeld from two leaves and a bud tea company," and find that his words just dropped off into oblivion toward the end of the sentence, as though they were sinking into a murky puddle of water. So of course when we decided in favor of the name change, Richard seemed to delight in picking up the phone and saying "two leaves tea company, how may I help you?" (Although we all messed that up plenty at first, and the award for consistency goes to Imports and Purchasing Manager Dena Albright for seeming to get it right every time. At least while I was listening.)

So while we've already decided on the name change, we want to know what you think. Will you miss the bud? Or good riddance to the bud? And are any of you wondering why I'm asking what you think, when we've clearly already made up our minds? I describe it as I did to well-meaning friends while my husband and I were expecting our first child: Sure, we care what you think, but we had also already made up our minds. We've already named our baby, people. It's a bittersweet transition for all of us here at two leaves, where we've been uttering all nine syllables since 2004. We just want to know: will you miss it too?

One other thing I want to mention, although it's just a teaser: We've got a new look on the way for our boxes that reflects the name change and speaks more to our culture as a small tea company traveling the world in search of the best organic tea. I'll just lift the hemline a bit and show you how the new logo looks on the boxes, without entirely giving away the big reveal:

New boxes coming soon!

Anyway, we're not trying to cause any major controversy here by changing up our name a bit — can we save you three syllables and still give you the highest quality tea? Yes, we can! Please, just call us two leaves!

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