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You did read our first #StuffTeaPeopleLike blog, right?! You did read our first #StuffTeaPeopleLike blog, right?!

Greetings, Tea People!

We have so enjoyed our time discussing on our blog and other social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter), our initial list of Stuff Tea People Like. It's not in our interest to pigeon hole all of you, but it is very much in our interest to make you laugh at yourselves, and some perfectly cliched things relating to tea. Don't forget, of course, that we recognize that any effort to truly generalize you is wasted on your smart, attractive uniqueness. We were most fond of a respondent who said, "I feel like I don't like about half of these. I'm a special snowflake!" Well put, Lisa. On the other hand, if we've truly nailed any of you with every single item on this list, well, we're impressed with ourselves and (mostly) you for being a tea drinking cliché through and through. (And maybe we owe you free tea for that? If it's true, let us know! We might need photographic proof, though. Somehow.)

Some of you wrote incredibly detailed responses to our first list, and we're delighted to have engaged you in such fun conversation. Can we keep it up, we wondered?

And so, we now present a continuation of our list that many of you have helped us with! Reading your comments made us laugh, and so we're trying to give people credit for what they've contributed. Why would we bother to continue the list? Well just look at the first item on this continued list ...

(Even more) Stuff Tea People Like

59. Making lists

On a perfect day, our first list goes like this: 1. Get a piece of paper. 2. Start to compose a list. 3. Cross first two items off list. 4. Cross off third item. 5. Feel satisfied and brew a cup, because now that we've accomplished something, it's tea time.

60. The beach in winter

60. So peaceful. So deserted. All that's missing is a mug of tea in your mittened hands. #StuffTeaPeopleLike

60. So peaceful. So deserted. All that's missing is a mug of tea in your mittened hands. #StuffTeaPeopleLike

Thanks to Melanie for this one. Yeah, yeah, we know the beach has serious allure in the summertime. But in the winter? Well, it's still beautiful, sometimes tempestuous, and there's nary a guy in sight who shouldn't be wearing a Speedo (but for some reason is anyway.) In fact, there are hardly any people around at all, leaving all that beauty just for you, a quiet walk and a thermos of tea. Oh man. We'll start planning our next winter vacation now.

61. Antiques Roadshow (thanks, Kathleen S.)

62. International markets (good one, Terri Cole.)

63. Serving as a docent at art galleries, heritage gardens and small palaces (Cheers to that, Catherine.)

Who cycles? WE-Cycle! A friend checks out the new bike sharing program in Aspen. #StuffTeaPeopleLike

64. Who cycles? WE-Cycle! A friend checks out the new bike sharing program in Aspen. #StuffTeaPeopleLike

64. Bike sharing programs

Two leaves tea company™ is just down the road from the glamorous mountain town of Aspen, Colo., which just last week became the 27th place in the United States to have its own bike sharing program, called WE-Cycle. In fact, we love biking so much (don't forget — that's how our CEO gets to the office every day) that we're one of many community sponsors for the program. That means now Aspen visitors can rent a bike for a short trip, like heading to a concert at the Aspen Music Festival and School, for a lecture at the Aspen Physics Institute, or just for a short across-town errand. Ditching a short trip in a car for a short, scenic and *fun* trip on a shared bike? #StuffTeaPeopleLike to a T. (Or would that be to a "tea"? See the next item on our list.)

65. Being punny, but not to an annoying extent

66. Naps (That one's for you, Darrah.)

67. Trying new types of tea that you haven't had before (Nancy Janda is so right about this.)

A book, some tea, and happiness implied. Obviously. #StuffTeaPeopleLike

68. A book, some tea, and happiness implied. Obviously. #StuffTeaPeopleLike

68. Reading

We think this one is important enough that as much as our last list referred to books and reading culture, we weren't clear enough, as Katelynn Robinson pointed out. So let's be emphatic about this: Tea People love love LOVE to read. All the plush chairs (No. 39), avant garde light fixtures (No. 28), and rainy, miserable afternoons (No. 2) in the world wouldn't be quite as nice if they didn't pair as nicely with our love of reading.

69. Tea from non-mainstream brands (you're after our very hearts and souls, Diane.)

70. Lemon curd (Erin Tuzuner knows what's up with this.)

71. Aprons (Made us laugh because it's so true, Sarah K.)

TV show host most likely to be spotted sipping tea. Right? #StuffTeaPeopleLike

72. TV show host most likely to be spotted sipping tea. Right? #StuffTeaPeopleLike

72. Christopher Kimball on America's Test Kitchen

As Laurie B. noted, he wears a bow tie. And we all know how Tea People feel about bow ties, don't we? (See #StuffTeaPeopleLike No. 14) But fashion choices aside we of course wondered if Christopher Kimball could be our bow-tie wearing, wizard-in-the-kitchen tea-drinking superhero. And then a little research (ahem, Googling), revealed that his wife drinks tea every day. We knew there was something we liked about him.

73. Tea-flavored ice cream

Ah yes, this addition to the list by Langiean reminds us of our own adventures in creating tea-flavored ice cream , which you can check out here and here. Now that was a good time, because when you're truly experimenting with tea and ice cream, you get to have a lot of both cream, sugar and tea around your house, and that makes your house kind of like heaven. (ps: If you're going to try this at your house, don't miss out on Mountain High Chai or Alpine Berry ice cream. Ohhhhh yeah.)

We've hit the Union Jackpot, if you will. #StuffTeaPeopleLike

74. We've hit the Union Jackpot, if you will. #StuffTeaPeopleLike

74. Anything decorated with the British flag

75. Dining at a Chinese restaurant, where tea will be served

(An excellent point, Corinne T. That's how many casual tea drinkers first discovered the wonders of Jasmine tea.)

76. Shortbread

This is where we're going to do some shameless self-promotion; but for a good reason. We can't stop eating this stuff, and we want you to discover it too. Afternoon tea time will never be the same until you're dipping a piece of Biscottea into our tea.

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