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Discussion regarding herbal tea.

A small admission: We never really thought of ourselves as sexy until yesterday. We love tea, we drink it every day, all day long … and THEN we found out that so does one model known primarily for her work with Victoria’s Secret — Alessandra Ambrosio. Our coworker Jen was glancing through the pages of an […]

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If we’re surrounded by great tea all day long (and drinking it, all day long), we need to figure out what chocolate we’d like to have with which tea. And just for good measure, we threw in a couple of less-than-artisinal types of chocolate, since it is early November, otherwise known as the season of leftover Halloween candy.

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Does anyone remember that blog “Stuff White People Like”? It always made us laugh, self-stereotyping through gentle jabs. During a recent meeting, Marketing Coordinator Christy Garfield and I were brainstorming so hard that our ears were emitting smoke and we decided we needed a blog post that was our own variety of stereotyping our beloved […]

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If you’ve learned anything by making a bunch of fruity iced tea drinks this summer, it’s that tea plus fruit plus ice equals yum, and it’s hard to mess up.

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