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So, which tea will you steep and turn into ice cubes? It depends on what color and flavor you’re looking to impart into whatever drink you’re preparing.

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Does anyone remember that blog “Stuff White People Like”? It always made us laugh, self-stereotyping through gentle jabs. During a recent meeting, Marketing Coordinator Christy Garfield and I were brainstorming so hard that our ears were emitting smoke and we decided we needed a blog post that was our own variety of stereotyping our beloved […]

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If you’ve learned anything by making a bunch of fruity iced tea drinks this summer, it’s that tea plus fruit plus ice equals yum, and it’s hard to mess up.

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(I have to admit, I laugh inwardly every time I walk by the “What-A-Melon” brand watermelons in the supermarket lately. It’s a bad pun, yet I can dig it.) We all have watermelon memories to go with summer right? I mean, nobody is standing around in December, wishing they could get a slice of watermelon […]

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