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Greetings, Tea People! We have so enjoyed our time discussing on our blog and other social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter), our initial list of Stuff Tea People Like. It’s not in our interest to pigeon hole all of you, but it is very much in our interest to make you laugh at yourselves, and some […]

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If you lay your sachet of tea out on the table, you can arrange the string and tag so it looks like a snake. That has to count for something, right? Thanks for humoring me.

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Richard Rosenfled, two leaves’ CEO/Founder, has always been into saying “Rabbit, Rabbit” on the first day of the month for good luck (read this blog to hear the story behind that) and recently introduced us to something else he’s into: tiny rabbit figurines made out of vinyl, called “Happy Labbits.” Apparently, he found them in […]

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Weeks ago we introduced you to our new shorter name, “two leaves tea company.” And as we mentioned to you in a blog post, the new name would of course come hand in hand with a new logo AND brand new packaging. So … here it is! Of course, the biggest difference with this box […]

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We’ve got a new fruity iced tea drink to break you out of your summertime rut, and it’ll knock your socks off! Try Orange-Lemon-Lime Tea-ade today. It’s easier to prepare than to say.

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