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Includes recipes using tea in cooking, baking, and mixology.

Imagine my surprise when, thanks to the wonder of Wikipedia, I discover that the prime tea growing part of Russia is, in fact, Sochi!

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So, which tea will you steep and turn into ice cubes? It depends on what color and flavor you’re looking to impart into whatever drink you’re preparing.

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Greetings, Tea People! We have so enjoyed our time discussing on our blog and other social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter), our initial list of Stuff Tea People Like. It’s not in our interest to pigeon hole all of you, but it is very much in our interest to make you laugh at yourselves, and some […]

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If you’ve learned anything by making a bunch of fruity iced tea drinks this summer, it’s that tea plus fruit plus ice equals yum, and it’s hard to mess up.

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We’ve got a new fruity iced tea drink to break you out of your summertime rut, and it’ll knock your socks off! Try Orange-Lemon-Lime Tea-ade today. It’s easier to prepare than to say.

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