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It’s our 10-year anniversary! According to Hallmark, a 10th wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the “Tin/Aluminum” anniversary, which really sounds about as romantic as … well, as giving someone a canned good as an anniversary gift.

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When time is on your side, as it may be during a lazy summer day, maybe it’s time to try something new with your tea leaves. We have to chuckle a bit at that sentence. Can there really be something “new” with a drink that’s thousands of years old, and about as basic as it […]

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If anyone can handle a name that’s nine syllables long and might start a conversation about tea, it’s you. Here are our reasons why we have decided to bring back the “bud”. (Inspirational music is swelling in the background.)

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Imagine my surprise when, thanks to the wonder of Wikipedia, I discover that the prime tea growing part of Russia is, in fact, Sochi!

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If we’re surrounded by great tea all day long (and drinking it, all day long), we need to figure out what chocolate we’d like to have with which tea. And just for good measure, we threw in a couple of less-than-artisinal types of chocolate, since it is early November, otherwise known as the season of leftover Halloween candy.

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