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When time is on your side, as it may be during a lazy summer day, maybe it’s time to try something new with your tea leaves. We have to chuckle a bit at that sentence. Can there really be something “new” with a drink that’s thousands of years old, and about as basic as it […]

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If anyone can handle a name that’s nine syllables long and might start a conversation about tea, it’s you. Here are our reasons why we have decided to bring back the “bud”. (Inspirational music is swelling in the background.)

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Did you know that of two leaves and a bud’s 19 boxes of tea sachets, 15 are certified kosher?

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Did you know that nothing is ever really static in the tea industry? Think about it for a minute – every year gardens grow more camellia sinensis, and those “two leaves and a bud” that are plucked for your daily cuppa’ tea are different from year to year. In fact, it’s a lot like wine and […]

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Do you like a good piece of trivia as much as we do? This may seem like a no-brainer, but we like bits of tea-related trivia even more. Like many things with a lengthy history, a great deal of legend and myth surrounds the story behind drinking tea. Take, for instance, the legend behind how […]

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