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While January is, in fact, National Hot Tea Month, we wondered what that really means. At two leaves tea company™, it’s understandable that we (and most of our fans) drink hot tea year-round. We’d go so far as to say we celebrate hot tea year round.

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Did you know that nothing is ever really static in the tea industry? Think about it for a minute – every year gardens grow more camellia sinensis, and those “two leaves and a bud” that are plucked for your daily cuppa’ tea are different from year to year. In fact, it’s a lot like wine and […]

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“Assam is the tea I am the most proud of in our entire range,” two leaves and a bud CEO and founder Richard Rosenfeld says. “It’s a great sweet, tippy, malty, but organic Assam, and it’s an ongoing project with me. With every flush, our Assam gets better.” Where is Asssam? What makes Assam what […]

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Several weeks ago we had a job opening and ads placed in local newspapers. Soon after we received a call from someone who was interested because they thought we were a medical marijuana dispensary. It makes sense — “bud” is one of hundreds of references to pot, and ever since our state of Colorado legalized […]

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