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Our sachets of Mountain High Chai each contain a dash of cinnamon, a pinch of ginger, and a smidgen of clove. Steep ‘em up in milk, and stir that into flour, sugar and more and you get these soul-warming Chai Latte Cupcakes.

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In South Asia, the word “chai” just means “tea.” Spiced tea, as we know it, is actually “masala chai.” And what is that? It is black tea mixed with spices including cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and pepper, in many variations.

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Introducing a new feature from us here at two leaves — recipes! Our new marketing coordinator, Christy Garfield, came up with this concept, and now, having made the first recipe for my family over the weekend I can stand up and say, “Bravo!” How great is it that I had some tea in my cupboard […]

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About a month ago during a staff meeting, someone mentioned that it was National Coffee Ice Cream Day. Tea is often considered a counterpoint to coffee, so it got us thinking … what kind of tea would turn into a great ice cream flavor? This was the perfect question for our Facebook fans, we thought. […]

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The holiday aroma is among us here in the office…. Richard is busy mixing and brewing different variations for this year’s new Organic Chai blend.  There are bits of cloves, cinnamom, pepper and cardamom blown around by the wind and ground into the carpet! Smells yummy! When brewing up Chai blends with so many ingredients […]

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