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This month we had the opportunity to appear in Fresh Cup Magazine, a trade publication for specialty coffee and tea professionals. The topic? Right up our alley, of course: Quality bagged tea, and why serving tea in sachets results in a delightful combination of superior tea and convenience. Read the text in full here, or […]

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Can you help us prove how portable our sachets are? “Go there with two leaves” is our new contest for 2012 where we want to see the cool places you’ve taken two leaves tea. Post a photo on our Facebook page, and we’ll give you $5 for your next purchase!

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Last week we discussed what makes tea sachets so much better than tea bags. You ended up with a bunch of tea on your kitchen counter, but also a head full of knowledge about the full flavor you can get from whole leaf tea like ours. Isn’t reading a tea blog rewarding? So this time […]

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I’m not going to name names here, but you know that bag of tea you’ve had in the pantry for a couple of months? The one you bought because Blue Raspberry Delight tea sounded fantastic as you cruised the grocery store aisles? Take it out, cut it open, and dump it on your kitchen counter. […]

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At Two Leaves and a Bud, we like to share what we read with you. This article was written by Julie Deardoof from the Chicago tribune and is a good re-fresher on what you need to know about Tea… MYTH: Tea comes in many varieties. False! Only one plant gives us tea leavesóthe Camellia sinensis. […]

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