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Our certification manager, Heath Hillman, has had the kind of tea training around the world most of us only dream of. We chatted with Heath about Germany’s role in tea production, what it’s like to stand in a tea garden, and how we can all get better at tasting tea.

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Every workplace has its own culture — you know, what makes your office distinctly different, including the rules you follow to get along with everyone. I was thinking about office culture this morning when I walked in and glanced at Richard’s office. See, the boss (that’s him) is in Europe for a couple of weeks. […]

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It goes without saying that we’re always tasting new tea around here. And then yesterday I caught Richard in the tasting area, slurping away from a ceramic mug and a paper cup that looked like they were filled with water. Yup — a water tasting. But it’s not what you think. See, Richard loves the […]

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The holiday aroma is among us here in the office…. Richard is busy mixing and brewing different variations for this year’s new Organic Chai blend.  There are bits of cloves, cinnamom, pepper and cardamom blown around by the wind and ground into the carpet! Smells yummy! When brewing up Chai blends with so many ingredients […]

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Do you have some of our tea? have you drank or tea before? We want you to taste and review our Two Leaves and a Bud teas, weather it is one of our organic green tea, white tea, or black tea. To help you with the task at hand here are the questions to ask […]

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