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A Russian art print by  Helen Vladykina

Imagine my surprise when, thanks to the wonder of Wikipedia, I discover that the prime tea growing part of Russia is, in fact, Sochi!

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Greetings, Tea People! We have so enjoyed our time discussing on our blog and other social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter), our initial list of Stuff Tea People Like. It’s not in our interest to pigeon hole all of you, but it is very much in our interest to make you laugh at yourselves, and some […]

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I’m fond of saying that now that I’m married myself, I love going to weddings. I don’t consider myself a great party thrower, and so while I managed to plan a lovely event for my husband and myself seven years ago, I certainly didn’t relish the process. So these days when I’m invited to a […]

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Our certification manager, Heath Hillman, has had the kind of tea training around the world most of us only dream of. We chatted with Heath about Germany’s role in tea production, what it’s like to stand in a tea garden, and how we can all get better at tasting tea.

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Choosing gifts for tea drinkers is not only easy, it’s quite fun! We’re presenting our 2011 Gift Guide for Tea Drinkers, with fun stuff we love for the tea drinker in your life, and if you *are* a tea drinker, feel free to print this out and leave it on your kitchen counter, perhaps with “HINT, HINT” written across the top of it, for your family members to stumble across.

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