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Jasmine Petal Green

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Jasmine Petal Green

If it's true you taste with your nose as much as with your tongue, the delicate floral fragrance that lingers atop this smooth cup of green tea will be an otherworldly experience. These tea leaves are dried with jasmine flower petals to absorb the flavor. Inhale, then enjoy.



The Jasmine Petal whole leaf green tea sachet from two leaves™ is a first place winner in the North American Tea Championship's 2012 Packaged Single-Service Class competition.


  • Top note: Smooth
  • Middle Note: Delicate and Flowery
  • Finish: Light
  • Caffeine: Light
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Ordering Options: Jasmine Petal Green

Product Packaging type Price Number of Servings Price per cup Add to cart
Jasmine Petal Green:  Box of 15 Tea Sachets Jasmine Petal Green: Box of 15 Tea Sachets
15 servings $0.53 per cup Qty:
Jasmine Petal Green:  Case of 6 Boxes (90 Sachets Total) Jasmine Petal Green: Case of 6 Boxes (90 Sachets Total)
90 servings $0.47 per cup Qty:
Jasmine Petal Green:  Box of 100 Tea Sachets Jasmine Petal Green: Box of 100 Tea Sachets
100 servings $0.39 per cup Qty:
Jasmine Petal Green:  1/2 Pound Loose Tea Sleeve Jasmine Petal Green: 1/2 Pound Loose Tea Sleeve
100 servings $0.16 per cup Qty:
Jasmine Petal Green:  100 Gram Loose Tea Gift Cylinder Jasmine Petal Green: 100 Gram Loose Tea Gift Cylinder
40 servings $0.26 per cup Qty:

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  • 5.0 Leaves
    Angela | 8/9/13
    Got this for xmas. I drink this over ice. Soo refreshing and perfect. This will be a summer favorite for sure.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Valerie Brooks | 8/9/13
    Rating on Flavor only, absolutely excellent jasmine tea, smell flower scent while you drink. The tea is really good, however the price is $6 at Whole Foods so no reason to suffer shipping costs.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Gary | 8/9/13
    Simply the best Jasmine Green Tea I have ever had. I am very impressed .About $8 for 3 ounces is a very good bargain for this quality of loose tea.The pedals included I think makes the difference. Thank You for making my morning a little brighter!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Cassidy | 8/9/13
    This is my go to comfort tea. It tastes amazing with a little honey. The smell alone of this tea calms me. It has a very delicate taste and is perfect for bed time and sick days.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Brittany | 8/9/13
    My favorites are Jasmine (pearl or petal; pearl tastes stronger), Earl Grey, Lavender Earl Grey, Peppermint and Mountain High Chai. You can't go wrong with these! No other tea company has impressed me more than this one!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Pam | 8/9/13
    100 Stars! My first sip a couple of years ago and I was hooked. It is The Best The Best, The Best of all.<br />So clean and clear, so refreshing. No other green comes close to this magic blend. Try it. And I'm betting you will like it!
  • 2.0 Leaves
    TJ | 8/9/13
    A friend of mine sent me several samples of assorted flavors. I was delighted to see Jasmine as its always been a favorite of mine.The aroma was heavenly as it steeped.Took a big swig of this tea- and it was disgustingly bitter! I steeped it for about 2 1/2 minutes and it was extremely bitter and tart. Not the usual sweet taste of Jasmine. I only had one bag of this so I didnt get a chance to try a shorter steep as recommended by another reviewer.<br />On the other hand, the Goji was probably the best tea I've ever tasted and I normally do not like fruity teas.<br />So the tea I expected to be the best bombed and the tea I expected to bomb is the best I've ever had.<br />Go figure.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Brenda Johnson | 8/9/13
    very tasty tea and the only place I can find it. Yummmm :)
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Lisa Chambers | 8/9/13
    This is such a wonderful jasmine tea, so relaxing and soothing. A must-have in my house! It does get bitter quite quickly so you have to watch the clock while steeping but it can be re-steeped a few times too...yum!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Gregory | 8/9/13
    Great jasmine tea!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Janice | 8/9/13
    This is my absolute favorite of all teas - soft and very pleasing flavor and aroma. It always puts me in a pleasing mood myself. I order it my the case of 100 so never to run out.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Candace | 8/9/13
    Hands down the best jasmine green I've ever had. Loyal fan.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Fenlain | 8/9/13
    A really nice, light green tea. It's really tricky to get brewed perfectly, though. Keep your water at about 160-180f, and brew for about a minute and 20 seconds. A little bit of leeway won't ruin it, but two minutes definitely leaves it bitter tasting. Once you get that down it's awesome
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Ming | 8/9/13
    Drinking this tea makes me feel comfortable with a great amount of scent in the mouth. It's definitely one of my most favorite tea
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Linnae Angerinos | 8/9/13
    I liked this tea so much when I had it at a restaurant that I took the tea bag wrapper home to find it online. It is the perfect blend of green
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Nancy | 8/9/13
    My second favorite tea (first is white peony). Perfect to get the morning started without indulging in too much caffeine. Perfect amount of Jasmine; not too flowery.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    elizabeth | 8/9/13
    I love Jasmine Green tea, in searching for my ‘go to’ I have sampled at least 10 different makes, from very $$$ to loose leaf. THIS is the BEST! (AND local Harris Teeter stocks it…bonus!)
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Alyson | 8/9/13
    I agree wholeheartedly--by far my favorite green tea EVER!
  • 3.0 Leaves
    jennifer | 8/9/13
    I ranked it a 3 because of personal preference, because I tend to like light teas I think, and this tea was really strong. It kinda left a bitter aftertaste. But this is the first lavender tea I've ever tried. So maybe I just don't like lavender tea.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Erik | 8/9/13
    This has been a long time favorite of mine. I usually buy the 100 piece box and I've gone through three or four of them. Jasmine is a beautiful flavor that never gets old.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Brian | 8/9/13
    Pretty mild on the jasmine taste. I prefer stronger but this is still really good.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    bess | 8/9/13
    very floral and fragrant - amazing balance without any bitterness~
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Gary | 8/9/13
    I first tried this tea on a trip to Alaska, and it was by far the best jasmine tea I've ever tasted. Like many others, I saved the wrapper and made it my mission to find in Texas. What a fabulous find: this is "my" tea.
  • 1.0 Leaves
    Giovani DiPalermo | 8/9/13
    Why is this company not displaying the weight
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Amanda | 8/9/13
    INCREDIBLE tea...got me to start drinking tea daily again.<br />You can't go wrong with any two leaves and a bud tea but this one is outstanding!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Erika | 8/9/13
    Found this tea at Earthfare or Whole Foods, I can't remember which one. I've been experimenting with different tea flavors and this one is very enjoyable.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Harper | 8/9/13
    This is my favorite tea, and so far I've found I like this company's the best!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    SIOBHAN | 8/9/13
    Lovely jasmine flavor. Not too strong, and it has a nice crisp green flavor to the background.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Robin | 8/9/13
    I am an avid coffee drinker and wanted to switch to tea, but have not had a tea that I liked. This tea is incredible and I will have no problem leaving my daily coffee behind. It does not in anyway smell like fish.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Jane | 8/9/13
    I am in love w. this tea! I haven\'t tried other jasmine teas, fearing they wouldn\'t live up to tea of this caliber. I actually found it at TJ Maxx one time, and should\'ve bought more than 1 box, because they no longer sell it. However, there is a gourmet store near me that does sell it, thank goodness! It\'s the perfect afternoon tea.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Kathy | 8/9/13
    I also found a box at TJMaxx and then could not find it anywhere else, so I searched and found your website. I love this tea- I now order the boxes of 100 directly from you so I can enjoy it several times a day- It\'s great iced, too!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    KimA | 8/9/13
    I first tasted a competitor's jasmine and green tea and loved the delicate flavor, however, when I went to look for it in the store, the price of the box of tea was more than I wanted to spend. Fortunately, a store close to home had TLB's Jasmine Petal at a much better price point. This tea is absolutely great! Along with the other teas I've reviewed today, I'm thrilled to have discovered TLB. This is a great way to drink green tea!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Phil | 8/9/13
    Wow. The aroma of this tea is just to die for, not overpowering, but the perfect sweet, floral taste and smell. Love it more than anything!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Clarissa Sarino | 8/9/13
    I am enjoying my first cup of jasmine petal and I love it!!! I am glad I bought the last 4 boxes on the shelf. : )
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Ashly | 8/9/13
    This is the best jasmine tea I have ever had. I live in a small town that does not carry it, so I have tried other jasmine teas and I cannot find one that compares! I will be ordering this online from now on!
  • 1.0 Leaves
    Kai | 8/9/13
    This tea tastes and smells like fish. I didn\'t realize that when I spent 8.00 on a box of it or I wouldn\'t have. It\'s pretty gross, and now I\'m out 8.00 and good tea as well. :(
  • 5.0 Leaves
    CAROL | 8/9/13
    This is the best tea I\'ve ever had and has converted me from coffee.
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Kelly | 8/9/13
    This tea was absolutely delightful! It is truly a gift for the senses...
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Michelle | 8/9/13
    A wonderfully delicate green tea with the fragrance of jasmine entwined. Delightful to the nose and the tongue. One of the types of teas that stands alone. Delicious!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Ruby | 8/9/13
    The best tea I have tried. Very soothing and the scent of it is just amazing!!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Erin | 8/9/13
    This is the first two leaves and a bud tea I ever tried and i must say it is one of my favorites! it is a wonderful tea at night time or anytime of the day really. enjoy!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Amy | 8/9/13
    This is the most amazing tea! So light and easy to drink!
  • 5.0 Leaves
    Richard | 8/9/13
    Tea well made and perfect taste.

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Jasmine Petal Green
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Tea Details: Jasmine Petal Green

Instructions & Recommendations
Jasmine green tea is dried with petals of jasmine flowers. As the tea dries, it absorbs the flavor of the jasmine. We leave the petals in for a great taste and visual experience.


Green Tea, Jasmine Petals

boil & steep time:
Bottom bubble

caffeine rating:

best for:
Asian Food



Jasmine Petal Green

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