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Organic Orange Sencha

8.49 In Stock

Availability: In stock

For a twist on a Japanese favorite, we start with whole leaf sencha leaves and add the tang of Italian red oranges. 

$8.49 - $38.00

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$8.49 - $38.00

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  • Description


    Sencha is a Japanese-style tea, so tea leaves are gently steamed as they dry. We pep up this delicious green tea with the tang of oranges. It’s a classic green tea that will perk up your taste buds and your mind.

  • Directions

    light buzz,
    1/3 cup coffee
    15oz at lite boil, 180° steep 3 min

Origin / Ingredients



Customer Reviews

I love green tea and orange, and I’m always looking for a good organic version. I finally found it! Thanks Two Leaves!
by Nancy
(Posted on 6/24/15)
My absolute favorite tea, coming from someone who wasn’t a huge fan of green tea, this has got me hooked.
by Stephanie O'Handley
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Love this tea! It’s perfect every time of year and just enough caffeine to wake me up, but not feel jittery!
by Sarah
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I did not like this tea. I like the White Peony and Tropical Green very much and wanted to try another flavor. The orange in this tea does not taste like orange at all.
by Jane
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Delicious! This is the tea that won me over to tea. Everyone I give or serve it to loves it.
by Joanne
(Posted on 8/9/13)
In the past, green tea reminded me of alfalfa. NOT THIS TEA. It has a wonderful citrus aroma which does not overpower the green tea in the cup. I found this once at a local store who didn’t continue carrying it. Imagine my glee when I found I could by 100 bag boxes! I drink a pot of it daily and share it with anyone who drinks tea. Highly recommend this tea.
by Teri
(Posted on 8/9/13)
This is an amazing tea. I am a lover of Japanese teas and this is one of my favorites. Sencha is my staple. It is a fragrant orange flavor.
by Olga
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Wonderful tea! Extremely high quality for such a low price. When you first smell this tea, the orange smell can be a bit overpowering - but not to worry, the tea itself has just the right amount of citrus taste. Will definitely buy it again.
by Akash
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I saw the great looking boxes at a huge tea display when visiting our son in Mass. After getting it back to the house and trying it ~ this is now my favorite. I’’m buying more now for bridal shower favors!
by Christine
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I wasn’t sure I’d like this tea, but gave it a whirl. It accompanied a breakfast of raisin bread French toast, which I make with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla added to the egg mix. The flavors of the tea, along with the French toast, married quite well. Great for a weekend morning!
by KimA
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I love this tea! The general store I used to work at sells it and I just bought 2 boxes of it before I moved away. I have it every morning. The slight hint of the orange is such a nice accent. I absolutely love it, and I’’ve gotten my Mom hooked on it now, and she’’s never liked green tea. Thank you two leaves and a bud!!
by Cheryl
(Posted on 8/9/13)

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