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Organic Orchard Berry

8.49 In Stock

Availability: In stock

Previously named Organic Pomi-Berry, this delightful combination of fruit, flowers, and herbs creates a sweet, yet balanced caffeine-free blend. The new name better conveys the tea's delicious herbal-berry flavors. But don't worry, we've made no ingredient changes!

$8.49 - $42.00

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$8.49 - $42.00

This item is currently out of stock. Notify me when it comes back into stock.

  • Description


    When you want a twist on your cup of chamomile, we’re ready with this blend that includes sweet apple and strawberry. You’ll wish this tea grew on trees — although it practically does.

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  • Directions

    no buzz,
    nada, zip
    15oz at full boil, 210° steep 3 min

Origin / Ingredients



Customer Reviews

Stealing another user’s review - ’definitely a keeper’! Turned out to be such a pleasant surprise..love this tea.
by Deepa
(Posted on 12/10/13)
This is BERRY tasty tea!
by Tom
(Posted on 9/25/13)
This tea gives me life. It’s my absolute favorite (and this comes from someone who used to abhor tea).
by Tichina
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I bought this tea at this shop called "The Happy Eggplant" and it’s pretty good. It’s a wonderful fruity tea with a perfect mild flavor. The bags had twice the tea than my other teas with large pieces of fruit. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying more =)
by Ryan
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Absolutely delicious! My favorite tea by far!
by noelle
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Delicious! I loved this tea, it didn’t taste overwhelmingly like berries but it was wonderful. Definitely a keeper!
by Lisa Chambers
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Yummy iced!
by Linda
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Yummy iced!
by Linda
(Posted on 8/9/13)
this is my favorite tea now. It is soothing and does not even need any sweetening at all. It taste like apples when it’s cold, and I LOVE that!!
by cindy
(Posted on 8/9/13)
very relaxing, and not too overpowering in flavor. personally, needs a little sugar, but it is good to take before bed, for those who may have trouble falling asleep
by jenny
(Posted on 8/9/13)
The best tea I’’ve had in years! It is a yummy but very complex blend. Sweet with a splash of chamomile. Can’’t say it enough, this stuff is awesome!
by legendswife
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Best tea that I’ve EVER had! Loved it and can’t wait for my order to come in!
by Kassandra
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Not your typical over-powering, fruity herbal tea. A delicious berry drink with a natural (and light) sweetness. Great with graham crackers!
by Naomi
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I drink this tea every day and it is amazing
by Joshua Hmielowski
(Posted on 8/2/13)

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