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  • Fill your cup with purpose.

    Introducing Purpose-Filled Tea: Organic blends in sachets packed with powerhouse ingredients. Brew them hot, pronto, or throw in a water bottle to infuse cold. Try Detox, Hydrate, Energize and Invigorate today!

  • Ta-ta, toxins! Hello to Organic tea.

    Two Leaves and a Bud is committed to providing Certified Organic teas. In doing so, we support the development of organic gardens that help keep harmful toxins out of the environment (and your cuppa!). Cheers to that!

  • Skip the jitters.

    Since herbal blends don’t contain actual tea from the Camellia sinensis plant, the organic flowers, fruits, herbs and spices in our herbal blends create a satisfying cuppa’ without the buzz, so you can sip them all day (and night!) long.

  • A tea you'll feel good about.

    Who knew that a tea designed to soothe belly aches could taste so yummy!? This blend of fennel, ginger, anise, mint and caraway is a naturally caffeine-free tea and tastes so good you'll want it after every meal.




This Organic English Breakfast is a classic blend of rich Indian teas. It boasts a bold flavor that holds up well to milk.

$5.95 - $35.70
Cold Brew Bottle

Add some style to your table with this cold brew bottle! Perfect for infusing loose leaf tea or sachets.

Organic Invigorate

A zesty citrus aroma followed by an enlivening balance of lemongrass and peppermint for a bright, clean finish.

$8.99 - $45.00
Jasmine Petal Green

These quality green tea leaves are scented, not flavored with jasmine. The result is a divinely delicate floral aroma.

$8.49 - $42.00
Organic Tart Meyer Lemon

This tea is no lemon! Meyer lemons are a cross between lemons and oranges. The juicy fruit in this tea balances the tart. Try it with honey to soothe a sore throat or combat allergies.

$5.95 - $35.70
Finum Filter

This superfine stainless steel mesh and plastic filter fits a variety of tea glasses, mugs and teapots, so it's an attractive one-size-fits-all filter for loose tea lovers.

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End your next meal with a pleasant tea that does double duty: It's tasty and it helps settle your stomach! Ginger and fennel will aid in digestion, while apple and calendula will have you enjoying each sip.

Stump Teapot

The extra-fine stainless steel tea infuser is great for finely cut loose-leaf teas. Or, remove the infuser and pop in one of our sachets! 

$33.00 - $33.00

This refined black tea is from an award-winning garden in Assam, India, which produces a tea that’s complex in flavor, like a fine Bordeaux!

$22.25 - $31.95
Organic Peppermint

Our organic, large-cut peppermint leaves are both crisp and buttery, making this tea a great after-dinner mint.

$8.49 - $42.00

What starts out as a sweet, fruit-forward tea ends with a nice bite of astringency from gorgeous green tea leaves. This tea is pretty in the cup and smells like a tropical paradise!


The lush, earthy flavor of "red tea" (Rooibos) benefits from a blend of fruits, flowers and spices in this unique loose tea. Drink it in any season!

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Classic Teapot

This durable ceramic teapot is a hard worker: She holds 16 oz of water and includes a stainless steel infuser for your favorite loose tea, and looks great while doing it all. 

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Yellow Basket Teapot

The "basket weave" of this yellow, single serve Yixing teapot is handcrafted earthenware, and with continued use will develop a rich patina that enhances the taste, color and aroma of fine tea.

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Organic Lemon Ginger

This sweet herbal tea manages to ring out with lemony flavor, sweetening a snap of ginger and ending with a smooth, buttery feel on your tongue.

Regular Price: $10.99

Special Price: $7.09

Lapsang Souchong Tin
It's been said that Lapsang Souchong was the very first black tea in the World, dating back to early 1600s in little village in Wuyi Mountains of Fujian China. It's also been said that Lapsang Souchong was the favored tea of Princess Catherine (Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1662 to 1685.) One Lapsang tale takes place during the tumultuous Qing Dynasty. Soldiers, passing through the village of Xing, took refuge a tea shop, kicking out the workers and delaying the process of getting the tea out to the people. At this point, tea was in high demand for it's medicinal properties. The workers could not get to the leaves to dry and oxidize until the soldiers left, and by that time they were far behind demand. In order to speed up the drying process, one smarty decided to try drying the leaves over a fire using indigenous pinewood. This new smokey flavor became the iPhone of teas. Today, Lapsang is not as well-known, but is still beloved for it's unique and powerful campfire aroma and smooth finish. Traditional techniques are still in use; the leaves are smoked over pinewood in a honglong (a bamboo basket.)

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Regular Price: $9.95

Special Price: $5.75

Earl Grey Tin

Rich black tea with bergamot, plus dainty blue cornflowers, in an attractive, reusable tea tin. It looks as delightful as it tastes!

Tea Tin Size: 90 grams (makes 35+ cups of tea)

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Regular Price: $10.99

Special Price: $7.09

Lime Asian Style Tea Mug

Modern Asian style doesn't have to be stark and cold — this minimalist 12oz mug feels good in your hands and easily steeps loose tea inside its extra-fine tea infuser.

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Regular Price: $14.95

Special Price: $10.45

Tea Click
This stainless steel tea filter clip is a must when using tea filters.

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Regular Price: $4.50

Special Price: $3.37

Jasmine Pearls 1/4lb Sleeve

These are not just any jasmine pearls, they are amazingly flavorful; super delicate.  Nuanced jasmine scent surrounds a top quality green tea. 

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Regular Price: $31.95

Special Price: $25.50


We love an iced tea that refreshes with a pop of flavor, and that's what the delightfully fruity (but not too fruity!) flavor of Organic Peach's Peach black iced tea does for us. Peach's Peach is an ode to summer and tastes great whether or not you sweeten it up. And of course, it's made with organic black tea leaves for a full, complex flavor.

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Regular Price: $42.00

Special Price: $33.60

Curve Mugs: Blue

These 15 oz. mugs are designed with simple clean lines and fun colors—perfect for brewing loose leaf tea or tea sachets directly in the cup. The stainless steel tea infuser is perfect for loose tea drinkers.

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Regular Price: $26.50

Special Price: $21.25


This refined black tea is from an award-winning garden in Assam, India, which produces a tea that’s complex in flavor, like a fine Bordeaux!

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Regular Price: $27.90

Special Price: $22.25

Teabag Teapots:  Lime

These Teabag Teapots are cleverly designed with a built-in tea bag rest—no more difficulty pouring and fishing out your tea sachets after every steep! The lid of the Teabag Teapot covers the tea sachet and stays in place as it pours evenly.

  • Available in the following colors: marine blue, lime, mandarin, carrot, red, white and turquoise (a new color!).
  • Holds 12 oz / 354 ml.
  • Gift boxing available
  • Made from lead-free, high-fired ceramic
  • All parts dishwasher safe
  • Do not place directly on flame or heating element

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Regular Price: $25.50

Special Price: $16.50

Primo Teapot

This stylish, modern 22-ounce teapot comes with a generously sized infuser basket for loose tea leaves.

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Regular Price: $46.50

Special Price: $34.75

Cloud Mist
One of the top ten teas in China. Also known as, Lushan, this tea is a a famous mountain in China with much cloud and mist, because it’s a high Mountain by the side of the first Chinese river Changjiang river and first lake Poyang lake. This tea takes a long time to brew, and should be re-steeped many times.

Regular Price: $19.95

Special Price: $15.95

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  • Brewing a Better Cuppa’

    From brewing temperature to tasting techniques, there's an endless number of tea tips that can help you enjoy a better cuppa'. From our travels to tea gardens around the world, we've learned brewing and tasting techniques that help us enjoy each and every cuppa' tea.

    However, despite all the tea tips that are out there, one time old rule remains for enjoying your tea: experiment! Have fun. Try different temperatures, steeping times, amounts of loose tea and more, and your cuppa' tea won't just have the taste your palette enjoys, but it will be a fun experience as well.

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