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Whole Leaf Sachets: Herbal

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Alpine Berry herbal tea is naturally sweet and tart with hibiscus, blackberry leaves and orange peel. It's refreshing hot or iced.

$8.49 - $42.00

Our organic red tea, also called rooibos (say “ROY-bos”), brews up rich and earthy with just a hint of lemongrass for a balanced, rich cup.

$8.49 - $42.00

Delicious little flowers — that’s our Organic Chamomile. It’s naturally sweet, relaxing and the best chamomile you’ll ever have.

$8.49 - $42.00

Our organic, large-cut peppermint leaves are both crisp and buttery, making this tea a great after-dinner mint.

$8.49 - $42.00

Previously Organic Pomi-Berry, this combination of fruit, flowers, and herbs creates a sweet, yet balanced caffeine-free blend. The new name better conveys the tea's delicious herbal-berry flavors.

$8.49 - $42.00

A naturally caffeine-free tea you'll want after any meal. Let the ginger and fennel soothe your belly, while the pleasant taste of calendula and apple help you relax and unwind.

$8.49 - $42.00

Relax with comforting chamomile, balanced with hints of peppermint and lemon. This is a calming naturally caffeine-free drink with a rich aroma.

$8.49 - $42.00

With a refreshing array of zippy flavors like lemon, rosehip, and peppermint this tea is sure to give you a naturally caffeine-free boost!

$8.49 - $42.00

Don't do caffeine? We've got you covered. This sampler has two each of our eight offerings of herbal teas.

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Includes 10 sachets of each: Alpine Berry, African Sunset, Better Morning Blend, Better Belly Blend, Better Rest Blend, Chamomile, Peppermint, and Orchard Berry.

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We love our Alpine Berry herbal tea sweetened up with honey, which is why we're pairing our 15-count sachet box with a large pot of Organic Ohia-Lehua Honey, and a handy and attractive honey spoon.

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The health fanatic in your life needs to discover our Better Being Teas to make each day better in an organic, non-caffeinated way! The delicious honey and adorable spoon really sweeten up this gift. 

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