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Loose Tea and Teaware

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Lush flavor and amber color — this Assam tea, grown in India, is known for the golden tipped leaves that give it a layered "malty" flavor you'll love.


Darjeeling tea is technically black, but includes gentle, lighter characteristics like a green tea. It makes a flavorful breakfast tea, but also has enough astringency to pair with dessert!


Organic black tea, flavor from natural bergamot oil and corn flowers come together for a rich cup of a longtime tea lover's favorite.


You'll get a beautifully green, sweet and light flavored cup of tea with our Tamayokucha — the tea leaves are steamed as they dry. Bitter green teas are a thing of the past.


Green with a twist of orange? You've got it right here, for a day when your cup of traditional green needs a bright boost of orange scent and taste.


Our Jasmine green tea is as authentic as they come as it contains only two ingredients: green tea and delicate jasmine flowers to give the tea its delicately floral scent and layered flavor.


Our take on this organic, caffeine-free red tea (known as rooibos) includes a bit of lemongrass, so it's a rich cup with a twist! High in antioxidants and trace minerals, rooibos is known as a healthy cuppa'.


A combination of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and orange  make for a warm, delicious blend in the cup. Milk and honey are always nice additions, but this tea is pure enough to enjoy straight up.


Chamomile flowers have been used for centuries to help with digestion and relax the mind. The best chamomile are slightly apple-like in flavor, which explains its name ("milo" in Greek means apple).



High quality organic peppermint is rich and refreshing, and will aid in digestion. These fresh-tasting peppermint leaves have a strong, minty aroma that's worth savoring.


White tea is smooth and savory, plucked in gardens only in the early spring when the leaves and buds are young. A gentle cuppa' tea with soft flavor.


Certainly unique — Gen Mai Cha has everything you love about green tea blended with toasty, nutty roasted brown rice. This tea has layered flavor in spades.



End your next meal with a pleasant tea that does double duty: It's tasty and it helps settle your stomach! Ginger and fennel will aid in digestion, while apple and calendula will have you enjoying each sip.


Bedtime tea doesn't have to be boring — we've got chamomile with subtle notes of peppermint and lemon, all of which will calm you down and tuck you in for the night. Sleep tight!


No caffeine needed to face the morning? It's true! Our blend of lemongrass, peppermint and citrus will wake you up like a really tasty, steaming alarm clock.

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Alpine Berry herbal tea is naturally sweet and tart with hibiscus, blackberry leaves and orange peel. It's refreshing hot or iced.


Earl Grey's formula is simple — black tea with bergamot oil for a citrus flavor — but ours is organic, high quality, whole leaf black tea and oil from a citrus fruit originally grown in Bergamo, Italy.

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Jasmine flowers are dried with this delicate tea, so the leaves absorb the flowers' intoxicating scent. A traditional tea prepared particularly well is truly a treat.


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Traditionally steamed leaves yield a green cup with robust, vegetal flavor and a sweet aftertaste.

The lush, malty flavor of great Organic English Breakfast is truly a gift, just like this pretty cylinder for a true lover of loose black tea. It's a lovely, deep ochre shade in the cup.


This refined black tea is from an award-winning garden in Assam, India, which produces a tea that’s complex in flavor, like a fine Bordeaux!

$22.25 - $31.95

This deliciously approachable tea brews up with a light cup color similar to a green tea with a bit more astringency, like a black tea.

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$15.95 - $19.95

Can your next cuppa' Earl Grey be even more decadent, since it includes lavender flowers? An unexpected twist on one of your favorites that you'll enjoy adding to your tea repertoire.


Cloud Mist green tea gets its name from where it grows on Lushan Mountain in China, up in the clouds and mist. Tea leaves grown in shade like these are known for having a distinct umami (or savory) flavor.

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$8.95 - $15.95

The stong, woods-y campfire scent is well balanced with the black tea. 

$5.75 - $12.95

This sweet herbal tea manages to ring out with lemony flavor, sweetening a snap of ginger and ending with a smooth, buttery feel on your tongue.

Regular Price: $10.99

Special Price: $7.09

What starts out as a sweet, fruit-forward tea ends with a nice bite of astringency from gorgeous green tea leaves. This tea is pretty in the cup and smells like a tropical paradise!


This Da Hong Pao oolong tea is sourced directly from the grower on Wuyi Mountain in China. Oolong lovers: you won’t find better than this – it's the king of oolongs. 

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$29.95 - $67.95

This is the best-of-the-best of Xihu Long Jing tea (also known as Dragonwell): full and round with slight hints of a leafy summertime afternoon.

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$29.95 - $54.36

These cakes are the traditional form of Pu Erh.  Each Pu Erh cake contains 250 grams of compressed tea and brews up black and full for many steeps.

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The lush, earthy flavor of "red tea" (Rooibos) benefits from a blend of fruits, flowers and spices in this unique loose tea. Drink it in any season!

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Fresh blend of whole Organic green tea leaves, apricots, cornflower petals and safflower threads. Leaning over a cup of this tea is like standing in the kitchen while your grandmother bakes a fruit crumble.


This superfine stainless steel mesh and plastic filter fits a variety of tea glasses, mugs and teapots, so it's an attractive one-size-fits-all filter for loose tea lovers.

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This stainless steel tea filter clip is a must when using tea filters.

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Regular Price: $4.50

Special Price: $3.37

T-sacs are disposable and biodegradable, and won't let loose tea leaves escape into your tea cup or pot. Now available in two sizes. 

$4.55 - $4.55

The perfect cup for a well-rounded tea lover, we like to say! This glass cup comes with a stylish infuser and a lid first for covering up your brew, and then for catching drips.

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$22.95 - $22.95

These 15 oz. mugs are designed with simple clean lines and fun colors—perfect for brewing loose leaf tea or tea sachets directly in the cup. The stainless steel tea infuser is perfect for loose tea drinkers.

$21.25 - $26.50

The extra-fine stainless steel tea infuser is great for finely cut loose-leaf teas. Or, remove the infuser and pop in one of our sachets! 

$33.00 - $33.00

Our tea tins are a great place to tuck away your sachets or about 4 ounces of loose tea. Airtight and attractive, these canisters feature our new logo and look great on your shelf or desk.

$2.75 - $2.75

Take your love of loose tea on the road with this folding handle tea infuser!

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This stylish, modern 22-ounce teapot comes with a generously sized infuser basket for loose tea leaves.

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Regular Price: $46.50

Special Price: $34.75

The decorative details on this pretty, delicate teapot show that it was handmade with an emphasis on quality. With continued use, this earthenware teapot will develop a richa patina that enhances the taste.

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The small "basket weave" pattern of this red single serve teapot is handcrafted earthenware, and with continued use will develop a rich patina that enhances the taste, color and aroma of fine tea. 

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This earthenware teapot was handcrafted to reflect the beauty and elegance of the bamboo in China. With continued use, the pot will develop a rich patina that enhances the taste, color and aroma of fine tea.

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The round design of the pot helps tea leaves swirl as water is poured, releasing more flavor and less bitterness. Trust your tea to a renowned British teapot design; it's only proper.

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$36.00 - $39.00

A touch of bamboo-inspired design and an eye toward modernity sets this handmade earthenware teapot apart. With continued use, the teapot will develop a rich patina that will enhance the taste.

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