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This refined black tea is from an award-winning garden in Assam, India, which produces a tea that’s complex in flavor, like a fine Bordeaux!

$6.00 - $31.95

These are not just any jasmine pearls, they are amazingly flavorful; super delicate.  Nuanced jasmine scent surrounds a top quality green tea. 

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Fresh, textured floral tones truly make this tea a connoisseur's first flush (first harvest and most prized) Darjeeling.

$3.95 - $31.95

This deliciously approachable tea brews up with a light cup color similar to a green tea with a bit more astringency, like a black tea.

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$2.95 - $19.95
This late spring harvest ("second flush") tea produces a dark, rich cup that still has the light flavor of a classic early harvest Darjeeling tea.
$2.95 - $15.95

This Da Hong Pao oolong tea is sourced directly from the grower on Wuyi Mountain in China. Oolong lovers: you won’t find better than this – it's the king of oolongs. 

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$29.95 - $67.95

This is the best-of-the-best of Xihu Long Jing tea (also known as Dragonwell): full and round with slight hints of a leafy summertime afternoon.

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$7.25 - $54.36

These cakes are the traditional form of Pu Erh.  Each Pu Erh cake contains 250 grams of compressed tea and brews up black and full for many steeps.

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