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Organic Bai Mu Dan

8.49 In Stock

Harvested only during a brief period in early spring, white tea is the unopened bud of the tea plant. Classic white tea is smooth and savory.

$8.49 - $42.00

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$8.49 - $42.00

This item is currently out of stock. Notify me when it comes back into stock.

  • Description


    White tea comes from the young, unopened bud of the tea plant, and is handled gently to preserve the silvery white hairs on the leaves. It’s the lightest tea you can imagine, with a slight up-front astringency and a hint of apricot.

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  • Directions

    light buzz,
    1/3 cup coffee
    15oz not boiling, 165° steep 3 min

Origin / Ingredients



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Customer Reviews

This - along with Pu Erh - are my all-time favourite cuppas ^^. Hope they never discontinue it!
(Posted on 4/9/16)
I discovered this in a sampler pack and now I’m back to order a box of it. It stood out to me among the other tried and true flavors.
(Posted on 11/30/15)
This is my favorite tea of all time. The aroma is incredible and the flavor is even better. I prefer this tea lightly sweetened; it tastes like you are drinking the sweet nectar of a flower. For an amazing floral tea and to enhance the nectar flavor, mix it with a good jasmine. Very rarely do I find that the taste of tea is as good as the smell. This one definitely is!
(Posted on 8/9/13)
This tea is delicious. It is light and soothing. Perfect anytime.
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I LOVE THIS TEA! I can’t say it enough. It’s light and never bitter. I call this my comfort tea. It is so relaxing.
(Posted on 8/9/13)
Delicate and soothing. My favorite of all the Two Teas that I’ve tried.
(Posted on 8/9/13)
The best, yum. This tea is wonderful never bitter and so relaxing. Glad I found it.
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I LOVE this tea. It is refreshing and not too strong. It’s flavor is unique and I just love how you can see bits of flower petals in the bag!!
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I have to admit that I’ve never actually fallen in love with tea before. This is my favorite tea and I quite love the sweet delicate floral notes. I highly recommend this tea.
(Posted on 8/9/13)
This tea is amazing. It’’s so subtle and oozes calmness. I could drink it all day!
(Posted on 8/9/13)
A local coffee house offers this tea. I get it as an iced tea, and it is superb. Very delicate and floral. Extremely refreshing!
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I tried this tea at our local restaurant. i enjoyed this so much
(Posted on 8/9/13)
I sit and relax with a cup of White Tea in the evening to clear my sinus’’s calm me down and just relax for a few minutes before heading to bed. It’’s light delicate flavor and aroma just lend themselves to being calm. This is my favorite afternoon and evening tea.
(Posted on 8/9/13)
A light delicate tea to clear the senses in the evening before bed. I adore this tea.
(Posted on 8/9/13)
everyone should try this tea, the best!
(Posted on 8/9/13)

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