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    While we don’t need an award to prove how great our teas are (you already know!), we now have TWO more! Our Organic Detox and Organic Earl Grey sachets just took top awards at the Global Tea Championships.

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    Introducing Purpose-Filled Tea: Organic blends in sachets packed with powerhouse ingredients. Brew them hot, pronto, or throw in a water bottle to infuse cold. Try Detox, Hydrate, Energize and Invigorate today!

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Organic Detox: Purpose-Filled Teas

8.99 In Stock

A sweet lime aroma followed by big berry flavors, earthy-rooibos, and a hint of spice at the finish. Your tastebuds are nodding.

$8.99 - $45.00

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$8.99 - $45.00

This item is currently out of stock. Notify me when it comes back into stock.

  • Description


    This purpose-driven tea is packed with 14 powerhouse ingredients you can use after a big workout...or a big night, for that matter. The rooibos, ginger, spirulina, hibiscus and other herbs and spices in this organic blend are known to restore electrolytes, reduce inflammation, support good digestion and provide an antioxidant boost. Down that hatch! 1% of sales of each box of PURPOSE-FILLED TEA is donated to Protect Our Winters.

  • Directions

    no buzz,
    nada, zip
    15 oz water, full boil (210°) steep 5 min. infuse in cool, filtered water for 1+ hours

Origin / Ingredients


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Customer Reviews

I’m happy this was finally back in stock as summer approaches. My mom (my work out bud:) loves it too. Both of us have generally stayed in shape, but this year has been rough on both of us. When I mentioned the Purpose-Filled teas while she was visiting, (mainly the detox as a start) she was positive about giving it a chance. Neither one of us regret it. Even the aches and pains have slowly started diminishing, and work outs are better. I’m no expert, but if I can achieve a healthy/detoxed body while enjoying tea, I’m all for it. Especially with a tea that both archives it’s PURPOSE and tastes delicious.
(Posted on 6/11/17)
I’m a fan of caffeine free teas, so decided to give this one a try when I ordered my usual peppermint tea. It is not at all what I expected, and in the best way. When I read it had rooibos and ginger I was expecting a more earthy taste, but it’s light and flavorful and delicious! I can’t wait to have another cup.
(Posted on 5/4/17)
Shazam! This tea is delicious! Hard to believe something could taste so delicious! I shared a few bags, and drank the whole box in one week! I am loving Two Leaves & a Bud!
(Posted on 1/30/17)
I ordered this to try something new. As soon as I opened the plastic bag, a wonderful aroma greeted me. I was not disappointed in the flavor either. Great hot or cold. The flavor holds up well to ice. Will be ordering more soon!
(Posted on 11/21/16)
I ordered this to try something new. As soon as I opened the plastic bag, a wonderful aroma greeted me. I was not disappointed in the flavor either. Great hot or cold. The flavor holds up well to ice. Will be ordering more soon!
(Posted on 11/21/16)
I ordered this tea to help a detox, and I wasn’t expecting much flavor. Wow, I was wrong! It is super-refreshing, and the spices wake me up. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.
(Posted on 11/17/16)

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