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  • Ta-ta, toxins! Hello to Organic tea.

    Two Leaves and a Bud is committed to providing Certified Organic teas. In doing so, we support the development of organic gardens that help keep harmful toxins out of the environment (and your cuppa!). Cheers to that!

  • Grown in Egypt, consumed anywhere

    Our Organic Chamomile is made of pretty little flowers grown in a surprisingly exotic locale: Egypt! That's where we've found an organic garden we love for its chamomile with notes of honey and apple.

  • Curve Mug in Ivy!

    Our favorite Curve Mug now comes in Ivy, a gorgeous shade of green, if you ask us. Disagree? Maybe you should consider this mug in lime, mandarin, marine blue, carrot, red, white or turquoise. Enough choices for ya?



Alpine Berry

Alpine Berry herbal tea is naturally sweet and tart with hibiscus, blackberry leaves and orange peel. It's refreshing hot or iced.

$8.49 - $42.00
Organic Peppermint

Our organic, large-cut peppermint leaves are both crisp and buttery, making this tea a great after-dinner mint.

$8.49 - $42.00

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Two Leaves and a Blog

  • Cold brew for the dog days of summer

    Cold brew is easy to prepare and may surprise you with a slightly different flavor even though you're making it with the tea you use every day.

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Tea Tips

  • Brewing a Better Cuppa’

    From brewing temperature to tasting techniques, there's an endless number of tea tips that can help you enjoy a better cuppa'. From our travels to tea gardens around the world, we've learned brewing and tasting techniques that help us enjoy each and every cuppa' tea.

    However, despite all the tea tips that are out there, one time old rule remains for enjoying your tea: experiment! Have fun. Try different temperatures, steeping times, amounts of loose tea and more, and your cuppa' tea won't just have the taste your palette enjoys, but it will be a fun experience as well.

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